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Mummified Moss, Foliage & Vertical Gardens

With the natural touches of TDA moss walls and gardens made of moss, lichen and plants that are meticulously collected from Scandinavian Forests  mummified with natural materials, your spaces are much more pleasant and elegant  .

TDA moss vertical gardens, an environmentally friendly natural material;

* Does not need water, sun, soil and care.

* It preserves the freshness of the first day for many years.

*100% natural 

*It is resistant to glare and reliable in Fire Safety.

*Improves air quality.

* Since they are anti-static, they do not attract dust.

*Hypoallergenic, Antiallergic and Antibacterial.

* Provides acoustic control.

*TDA moss does not contain toxic and chemical substances or components.



Artificial Plants and Vertical Gardens

TDA makes a difference to your artificial spaces with its different designs in the forms and textures closest to nature .

With its high UV resistant  products, it exhibits high performance outdoors for many years. 

It brings the identity of the place to the fore with special designs and applications specific to the place.

TDA provides a wide variety of alternatives in artificial flower, tree, shrub, vertical garden, bamboo wall, fence and bespoke designs.


Flower Pots

At TDA architects, you can experience pots of different models and sizes that you can use in your living and artificial indoor and outdoor gardens, which you can combine with  vertical garden and mummified moss walls.


Acoustic Panels

We offer environmentally friendly, high performance acoustic § decorative products to interiors.

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